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What Is The DJI GEO System?

DJI has a whole ton of complex and company-specific technologies. The DJI GEO System being one of them. Today we'll explain what it is, and how DJI uses it in its products.

GEO means Geospatial Environment Online. It basically provides DJI flyers with advisories on places where flight may be limited by regulations or safety concerns. This can be anywhere from a big football game, to an active volcano or even a forest fire. It includes universal areas where security is a top priority such as nuclear power plants, airports, and prisons.

The DJI GEO limits your flights in locations that raise safety or security concerns. If you have a verified DJI account you can authorize flight in these locations providing you have prior official authorization. Confused? Hang tight, we'll get to it soon.

Remember that the GEO is advisory only. Information may be incorrect, and flight information might not always be 100% accurate. It is always best to verify with official sources before flying i…

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