Drone Buying Guide

Selecting your first drone can be quite a confusing yet exciting experience. Whether you're trying to buy one for someone else, or trying to get into the drone world, it can be difficult to choose.

We've broken it down into three criteria that you should be using when selecting your first drone in this buying guide.

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Without further ado, let's get started.


dji inspire

The cost of drones can sometimes be a huge turnoff for people trying to get into the hobby. It's important to maintain a balance of price to ensure you get the highest quality and best value with the budget you're willing to spend.

Using this guide, here's some questions you should ask yourself when purchasing a drone:
  • Is this the only price that I can find this drone for? Make sure you double check other locations to find different and better prices on drones.
  • Do you have a gut feeling that the drone is overpriced? If so, you're probably right.
  • Are the online reviews seeing the drone as high value for its price?
Remember to double, triple, or even quadruple check prices before purchasing. It's easy to get enveloped in purchasing something off the shelf before doing and post or prior research on other sellers.


small quadcopter

Depending on your intended use for your drone, it's important to choose its size carefully to match your needs.

Live in a small apartment? You'd probably want a smaller one like the Cheerson CX10.
Looking to fly it outside often? You'd probably want a bigger one like the Syma X5C.

Yes, size comes with stability. Larger drones will be more stable and can provide a quicker learning process, which is contrary to how smaller drones will be much quicker, nimble and difficult to fly.

Take your pick carefully, but we would really recommend a larger size drone to begin with. Although they can cause more damage, they remain in control much better and fly smoother.


blade qx 180

The construction of a drone is usually the last thing you'd think of when buying a drone, but it can be one of the most important aspects when choosing one.

Try to estimate how long your drone will last, and take all other aspects in accordingly. A strong construction will make the drone last longer, a weaker one... not so much. 

Using this buying guide, a few things you might want to look for in terms of construction and rigidity of a drone are:
  • Is it strong enough to withstand a fall?
  • Flexible enough to absorb a fall?
  • Will it snap if you hold it the wrong way? (trust us, this is a big one).
  • Does the canopy properly protect the drone's most important electronics?
Take these four questions in account when getting your first drone, and you'll be sure to select one that fits exactly to your needs.

Wait, I'm buying a drone online. How am I supposed to know how strong it is?

That's when drone purchasing becomes tricky, especially if there's little to no reviews on the product. Honestly though, you should be looking at buying a popular consumer brand drone more than anything else. Take a look at the reviews as a whole and sum it up. Do people think it's too flimsy? Too heavy? Take these reviews to heart.

And yes, we recommend you bookmark this page so you can use it as a buying guide when you actually go out and buy your first drone. Your first drone is the most important!

Still not sure how, where, or when to buy your first drone? We highly recommend Banggood.com as an awesome source for cheap, reliable, and awesome drones for both entry and professional level pilots. Check them out!

What was your first drone? Is it one you would recommend? Is this a buying guide you would recommend? Please let us know in the comments! We'd love to hear!

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