Transport Canada Fining Drone Operators $3000

Recently Transport Canada (TC) held a press conference outlining brand new regulations regarding model aircraft within Canada. As you may have read in a post on Quadify, Canadian Drone Regulations, model aircraft were classified as model aircraft if they weigh under 35kg and used strictly for recreational use.

DJI Inspire 1 V2.0

Sounds good, right? In the article above, there were some guidelines that drone pilots should be following when flying their model aircraft. The "Do's and Don'ts" made by Transport Canada (TC).

As of March 16th 2017, all drone pilots are legally required to follow those guidelines. Only if your drone weights more than 250 grams.

Drone Flying

250 grams. What?

Here's the list that you must now legally follow, if the above criteria ring true with your drone.

You must...
  • Not fly higher than 90 meters.
  • Not fly within 150 meters of buildings, vehicles, or people.
  • Stay 9km from any aerodrome.
  • Put your contact information somewhere on your drone.
  • Never fly at night.
  • Never fly more than 500 meters from where you are standing.
Don't wanna follow these rules? Face the (up-to) $3000 fine. Yeah, that's right. $3000 dollars.

Phantom 3 Drone

How do you feel about this new regulation? Do you think it promotes safety in the drone community within Canada? Drop your thoughts below!

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