Drone Skins, The New Consumer Revolution?

Customizing your drone can be an awesome and enjoyable experience. You can upgrade parts, change the body, put stronger motors, to even changing the paint job. All of these things are made possible with the expansion of the drone market. Modular parts, universal bodies, cheaper and stronger motors, to even drone skins! 

That's what we'll be looking into today. Drone skins: controversies between models and branding, utility over looks, consumer vs. professional customization, to even branding in the drone racing industry.

Example of drone skins sold on mightyskins.com
If you were somewhat familiar with the drone industry, you'd probably pick up a known brand than something else. Walking through a store, DJI, Parrot, to even Blade brands of drones may be more intriguing than something like Udi or Cheerson. Even though these brands can be of similar quality, we differentiate between them because of their presence in the market through brand recognition.

Imagine seeing a Phantom 4 flying in a field nearby, you'd probably recognize it immediately by its white color scheme, unique camera gimbal, and LED lighting. Now imagine the same scenario, with the drone having a bright red body and customized LED lights. Not so easy to recognize anymore, is it?

Although this problem might not be of huge concern to drone providers, it does bring down the immediate brand recognition of their drones. Arguably, the skin won't really change much. The shape of the drone and other aspects will still be recognizable by consumers, just not as easily as beforehand with the same color and shape.

With the addition of drone skins, it does refine the line between professional and consumer use of drones. Before, anyone could pick up a Phantom 4 and people would directly assume they may be a professional photographer or cinematographer. Another person, as a professional would have the same drone with the same assumption. You see an issue here, do you?

So what do drone skins do here? Your average consumer is among the likeliest to customize their drone through drone skins. Yet, not the professionals. It may now be leading to the professional drone pilots maintaining the minimalist look and clean use of their drone (no customization, skins, etc.) and consumers customizing their drones regularly.

Also, drone skins may not seem too enticing to a professional as they value utility over looks, especially in their niche industry.

Now moving on to the drone racing industry. Although their presence may not seem too prevalent, the use of drone skins may be of huge benefit to them, if only they would have space to apply them.

Branding, branding, branding. It's a big thing in drone racing and things alike. Teams like having all of their drones look as if they are a part of one, single team. It improves their ability to be recognized in the drone racing industry.

Three Racing Drones Flying
The issue is that there is nearly no space to apply a big enough drone skin to brand their drones. Racing drones require every square centimeter of space to be used, and to conserve weight and drag. Finding a spot to apply these skins will be difficult and maybe even degrading to their racing performance.

Keep in mind that racing drone bodies come in endless sizes and configurations, so finding one that fits a specific body will be anything from easy. There's just too many to custom manufacture. Also, drone racing bodies don't have the conventional plastic material that consumer drones may have. They generally use a carbon fiber and aluminum build, which is something the adhesives used by a drone skin provider will have to overcome.

Today we've taken a look at name and brand recognition, the line between consumers and professionals, as well as the uses for drone skins in the drone racing industry. Hopefully, this has helped you understand the ways that drone skins affect the market, and how the market will change because of it. What do you think of drone skins, in general? Do you think it's going to mainly benefit consumers? Comment now!

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