DJI Finally Releases Spark Drone

On May 24th, 2017 DJI finally released it's newest and smallest drone ever, the DJI Spark. Priced at $499 USD, this long awaited little bugger (center of recent product leaks) is finally showing it's face to the real world.

This little drone features a 16 minute flight time, matched with a (shorter than the Mavic, understandably) 1.2 mile (2km) flying range.

Switching the control to sports mode automatically locks the gimbal and switches to its high-speed potential of 50km/h.

Judging from the product snapshots on the DJI store, this drone also boasts different colored tops for full customizability.
Dissimilar from other DJI products, this drone only features a 12MP camera fit with a 2-axis gimbal and 1/2.3" sensor

But hold up: DJI also states that the camera will also feature two new modes, which are Pano and ShallowFocus.


These might not be as interesting to drone hobbyists, but given that the Spark was designed for a regular "for fun" consumer, these two features add more to what the Spark can do due to its limited size.

What might be a big push for DJI is the new features of QuickShot, ActiveTrack, TapFly, and gesture control. Yes, that's right. With the new DJI Spark, you can command your drone where to go, make it land on your hand, snap photos, all directly from the palm of your hand (literally). You can find out more about these features on their product page.

Aside from the camera, the DJI Spark comes with a small, compact, and sturdy construction. The 6 propellers included are folding to allow for easier and safer storage.
                              Spark Kit
The batteries are a step up from what DJI usually offers, as they now have Spark's batteries for $49
USD each. They are standard intelligent DJI brand flight batteries with 12 intelligent protection functions.

Overall, this drone obviously has a casual non-hobbyist target customer in mind. In amidst to that, though, many regular hobbyists can still enjoy the drone because of it's easy to use interface and small, compact construction. With the step up in features and movement to smaller, more compact sizes DJI really is moving further in the "anyone can have" drone category. This a fit-for-all drone which many different types of users can try and enjoy.

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