What Is The DJI GEO System?

DJI has a whole ton of complex and company-specific technologies. The DJI GEO System being one of them. Today we'll explain what it is, and how DJI uses it in its products.

Geospatial Environment Online

GEO means Geospatial Environment Online. It basically provides DJI flyers with advisories on places where flight may be limited by regulations or safety concerns. This can be anywhere from a big football game, to an active volcano or even a forest fire. It includes universal areas where security is a top priority such as nuclear power plants, airports, and prisons.

The DJI GEO limits your flights in locations that raise safety or security concerns. If you have a verified DJI account you can authorize flight in these locations providing you have prior official authorization. Confused? Hang tight, we'll get to it soon.

Remember that the GEO is advisory only. Information may be incorrect, and flight information might not always be 100% accurate. It is always best to verify with official sources before flying in any place where you might feel there are restrictions.

Speaking of restrictions, DJI has a comprehensive list of zone restriction classifications on their FlySafe website section:

Types of zones (cannot load image)

These will appear on your app when you approach them, and provide the necessary restrictions such as potentially utilizing a digital fence to stop your drone from entering a certain area.

Here's an example as to what your map might look like with the GEO system:

Zones On Map

Now, I've created an entire article on the new verification process for the DJI Go app. Why is this relevant? Without the proper verification steps DJI won't engage the GEO system and will limit your flight activity to a very narrow range of flying distances. Read more about it here.

Let's say you want to fly in one of the authorization zones (example in image above). This requires a bit of a process, but simple nonetheless. The verification steps are outlines on their DJI GEO site, but I'll quickly summarize it here. There's three simple steps.

Three step process

By completing all three correctly, they'll lift the restrictions from your account and you'll be able to fly in a specific authorization zone without the GEO interrupting you. You can set these locations in advance using the DJI flight planner if, say, you're flying somewhere without an internet connection.

Along with everything else, DJI has a comprehensive list of airspace notes in the US on their FlySafe website. We won't summarize it here, but there's a direct link to see it here (just scroll down).

That's everything! The DJI GEO system is frankly quite simple and innovative, but it can yield quite a bit of confusion to newer pilots.

Remember, this is written by a human. There are errors. Always check with official sources before flying and make sure to use the one thing that makes us human: our brains. Common sense is key!

If there are any questions or anything that may need to be clarified, please drop a comment below! I should respond within 12-24 hours. I'm willing to clear up anything that might not have been clear.

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